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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

In these changing times and with the nursing shortage, more and more nurses are not familiar with the care of patients with hemophilia. These two modules were designed by Sue Geraghty, RN and were reviewed by the National Hemophilia Nursing Working Group. They are designed to orient floor nurses to the care of our patients. Please feel free to use these however you feel appropriate. The areas shaded in yellow are center/facility specific and should be changed to meet the policies and procedures of your institution. After you have made your changes then click the highlight icon on the tool bar to remove the yellow highlighting. These are guide lines and are not meant to take the place of our institutions policies and procedures.

Hemophilia and Hospitalization:
A Self Learning Program

Hemophilia and Hospitalization:
A Self Learning Program

Assessing Readiness for Self-Infusion
This workbook was designed by the Region VII Nursing/Social Work Group and was reviewed by the National Hemophilia Nursing Working Group. The workbook was designed to help patients understand about their bleeding disorder and treatment. It will take patients 30 – 45 minutes to complete. After they complete the workbook they should have a better understanding about their bleeding disorder, treatment, and home infusion safety. The workbook contains 24 items, each with several possible responses grouped into 3 columns. For some items the patient should complete a sentence. Others may have to show if the item is true or false. They should be instructed to read each item, and then circle the one response or group of responses that best describes what they would normally do. When they are done, they can move on to the next section. There they will find the best answers for each item along with an explanation. Open Workbook >>